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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keen Problems Due to OBESITY!!!

Obesity is the one of the major problem faced by majority of the people. All the credit goes to the present lifestyle and unhealthy diet. The person is said to be Obese is his Body Mass Index exceeds 30. If you see, obesity is not a disease, but it provides the entry of various diseases. Few of the diseases that are occured due to obesity are mentioned below.
Heat attack

Heart Diseases:
 The blood of the obese persons contain saturated fats, that gets deposited over the walls of arteries and veins. This narrows the flow of blood, which in turn increases the pressure causing heart attacks. This also causes, heart strokes, Coronary Heart disease, etc. All these will reduce your life span.
Artery cross sectional view

High Blood Pressure:
This causes hypertensions in person. The person gets angry very soon, losses his temper. This increases the work load on the heart, causing stress to heart. This can also lead to heart attack. The above figure shows the cause of high blood pressure.

Diabeties - Type2
The diabeties of non insulin dependent type is known to be diabeties of type2. This causes emergence of other disorders like heart disease, kidney disease, blindness and even early death.

Joint Problems:
As your weight increases, there is imense pressure between the joints.This pressure causes the damage of the protective cartilage that are present between the joints. This causes joint problems. The major joints that are being affected by obesity is Knee, lower back and hip, as most of the weight of the body is being balanced there.
From the above figure of the knee joint, it can be observed that as the fat deposition increases, the synovial fluid that is used for the easy movement of the joint will get damaged. This causes joint problems. This concept applies to almost all the joints mentioned above.

Sleep Anre:
This is a disease where a person snoors heavily while sleeping. This is mainly due to low breathing rate. 

Apart from the above mentioned disease, obesity also causes cancer. It causes cancer of rectum, colon and prostrate. Also breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cancer in the uterus.


  1. this is indeed an informative blog. I enjoyed reading it. I think i have to really get active. My BMI is more than 30 that means time for exercise and diet.Thanks.

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