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Monday, August 22, 2011

APPLE- a promoter to REDUCE WEIGHT

>Hey friends you many of want to reduce our weight but we start of well, but since it takes considerable time for its effect to be felt. This becomes very long for us, as we are in this fast world we require fast results. So we change our diet plans regularly. There’s a promoter which will help you to reduce your weight faster. 

There’s an old saying that “An APPLE a day keeps Doctor away”.
This could be modified as “3 APPLES a day can reduce your weigh”

>Here you have to follow few easy steps that will help you to reduce your weight faster.
  • 1.       Follow 1 proper diet system
  • 2.       Perform few basic exercises
  • 3.       Eat 3-4 apples per day
  • 4.       Stop/reduce eating junk foods
  • 5.       Eat early any 3/4th of the stomach and fill the ½ of 1/4th with water
  • 6.       Drink ample amount of water everyday
  • 7.       Try to complete dinner 3-4hrs before you go to sleep.
  • 8.       Eat in the decreasing order from morning till night.
  • 9.       Try to eat the apple before having your meals.
  • 10.   You can have it in the evening time, by replacing junk foods.
  • 11.   Cycling, jumping ropes can be done as a part of exercise.

>By following the above simple steps effectively you can feel the change in 2weeks or a month.
Initially eating 3 apples a day would be difficult, but you can start with how you can, and then increase it slowly. Don’t go beyond 4 apples per day. Take your proper diet; do not skip your normal diet.
>The apple contains pectin, which will fill your stomach and has low amount of calories. This will make your stomach feel filled for longer time. Munching apples will help you to satisfy your hunger pangs and along with low calories.


  1. Apple is really best fruits which protest us from critical disease and also best weight watchers who are tired from their exercises and coaching classes.

  2. Thanks for providing such useful information. I really appreciate your professional approach.